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TofuMeister Basic Course Tofu Meister Certified Course

in Paris

Students and Organizer Wanted

délivré par l’Association Japonaise des Maîtres du Tofu.1 délivré par l’Association Japonaise des Maîtres du Tofu.2 délivré par l’Association Japonaise des Maîtres du Tofu.3

Tofu has draws many people’s attention around world as a healthy food.
We started Tofu meister course to train leaders of the food education root in the local area. And it has gained a good reputation in Japan. This time, we finally decided to hold it in Paris.
In this course, we will learn basic knowledge of tofu; history, choice of tofu, and etc.
Also, we will make tofu and deep fried tofu. After attending the lectures, you will be authorized as Tofu meister.
We are also looking for organizers who can preside over course.


La Maison du saké

11 rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris




Isogai Takeshige

Tofu Project Japan Co.,Ltd.

Representative director

Course details

  Tofu meister basic course Tofu meister certified course
Course fee


with Junior tofu meister diploma


with tofu meister diploma


History of tofu

Why Japanese tofu is delicious,(difference in soybeans and coagulant)

variety of tofu and recipe.

Basic knowledge of okara and deep-fried tofu


Making kinu(firm) tofu from soybeans and deep fried tofu

Making silken tofu from soybeans (Advance)

※ Basic lecture course only available.

※ The contents may be changed.